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How To Use Lights To Create A Moonlit Effect In Your Yard

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Creating a moonlit effect outdoors can be a challenge. However, if it is done right it can greatly enhance the décor of your yard. Your aim in simulating moonlighting outdoors is to create a soothing visual effect while making it safe and comfortable to use your yard at night. Here are some tips that will help you to achieve these goals.

Use Blue Tones

Moonlight tends to have soft, blue tones, and in order to mimic, this you will need blue bulbs. However, you should avoid dark blue bulbs, since these are too harsh. Lighter shades of blue will do the job a lot better. Being observant and testing different quantities of bulbs is the only way to ensure that you are not using too many blue bulbs, since the amount of blue bulbs you will need depends on the size of your yard and the amount of light you prefer. Do not put the bulbs too close together because this will intensify the amount of blue light and result in harsher lighting. Check the voltage of the bulbs, since the lower the voltage the softer the light will be.

Go High

One of the most important ways you can mimic moonlight outdoors is to place lighting high in tree tops. Allow the light to shine through the leaves and branches of trees to create a stunning moonlight effect. Test the position of your bulbs and make sure you position some of them so that they casts long shadows on the ground to further enhance the effect.

Use Various Locations

In creating the moonlit effect, you do not have to limit yourself to putting lights in tree tops around your home. You can place lights high up in gazebos or columns on your home. One of the best places to put lighting in order the get the moonlight effect is on the roof of your home.

While creating a moonlit effect in your yard is a beautiful way to enhance the curb appeal of your home, there are times when moonlight lighting may not be the best choice for the security of your yard. At these times you want to be able to have access to brighter lights. This why you should always make sure that you install bright security lights in several places around your home, even if you use moonlight lighting, in this way you can choose when to use moonlight lighting in your yard instead of having it as your only option.

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